Monday, September 22, 2014

Ethan's Birth

 One day before my due date. I wanted to go into labor and tried a few things-went to the gym and walked on the treadmill, Haley went and got me a spicy chicken sandwich for lunch, I went to the OB to get checked. About an hour after my appointment we ordered some Papa John's pizza. About when it arrived, I started having little contractions. After about an hour and a half to 2 hours I went to the hospital. The nurse said I was 4 inches dilated and needed to get to 5 to be admitted. Jaron and I walked the hospital and about an hour later they moved me from triage. I was so glad! Things went much faster than with Jen.

 My labor nurse told me I was lucky because the anesthesiologist working was the one all the nurses wanted to give them their epidurals. He is very fast and efficient. He only had to stick me once, unlike with my first labor. I was happy to get the epidural. The contractions were pretty intense at that point. When I asked for the epidural and the nurse said I would need to wait a bit because they were getting the room ready I was bummed. Jaron told me, "Brianna, you will just need to wait." I missed the Jaron that was present at my first pregnancy. The one that hadn't done a rotation, helped deliver babies, and really understood the demands on the staff. I wanted to hear, "They better hurry up." But oh well :)

 Pushing was much easier this time and was way quicker. I wasn't throwing up in between contractions, so I had more energy to push. After pushing through three contractions he was here. The doc on call was a nice older man. The triage nurse said she loved him and wanted to take him home in her pocket :)